GBTC Shareholder Redemption & Communications

Welcome to Watchdog Capital, the brokerage firm built for the era of Bitcoin.

Watchdog Capital can serve as your brokerage firm & provide guidance on your GBTC shares.

  • We are up-to-date on GBTC and shareholder efforts
  • We can advise you on options and ensure your shareholder vote is counted
  • We do not charge a fee for you to transfer shares in or vote
  • You can speak with an advisor for additional support
  • When/if possible & authorized by the trust, we will work to convert GBTC owner’s shares to #bitcoin
  • Our affiliate, WatchdogHODL, facilitates bitcoin buys & sells for taxable accts (IRAs in beta) w/ option to self-custody

Watchdog is ready to assist you with any of your financial needs – please follow the instructions below to open an account and transfer shares to Watchdog Capital:

1.    Open a new account at Watchdog Capital here. The account you open should be the same tax classification as the account you intend to transfer.

2.    Supply all necessary information and documentation. Keep an eye on your email for correspondence from the staff at Watchdog.

3.    Once your account is open, you will receive a text message with login instructions for the trading interface, which can be found here.

4.    To move your shares in any security, you will need to initiate an account transfer into Watchdog Capital. Watchdog does not charge a fee for this service. We can custody all US-listed stocks, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds. The firm you are transferring the account from will likely charge a fee to do so, typically ranging from $50 to $200. This is deducted from the outgoing account’s balance.

 5.   Please email Trent at with a recent statement of the account you wish to transfer. Trent will input this information into an Account Transfer Form, which he will then send to you for your signature.

6.    Account transfer should be complete 3-5 business days after submission.