Alpharetta, Georgia: Watchdog Capital, a FINRA member firm and SEC-registered broker-dealer, has signed an agreement with Blockstream to add support for the Liquid Network.

The Liquid Network is a Bitcoin sidechain built by Blockstream and operated by a federation of cryptocurrency companies. The Liquid Network provides a highly secure and scalable platform for the issuance of security tokens and other digital assets. Blockstream is known for its Bitcoin focus and wealth of technical contributors.

Watchdog Capital is a regulated broker focused on the convergence of traditional finance and the latest in fintech. Watchdog Capital believes Bitcoin is money and seeks to support securities and other assets in a digital world.

“We are really excited to support Liquid and projects working with Liquid,” said Bruce Fenton, managing director of Watchdog Capital. “The Blockstream team is well known for their high-quality engineering and focus on security. We believe that this type of architecture will appeal to a new category of issuers who share in the philosophy behind Liquid and its design.”

“Watchdog Capital is the first licensed broker-dealer to add support for the Liquid Network,” said Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream. “As the digital securities industry continues to grow, we’re looking forward to supporting Watchdog Capital as they pioneer innovative issuance structures.”

Watchdog noted that digital securities are still in their early stages and must comply with FINRA and SEC regulations. “As the ecosystem evolves it will be key to support those issuers who wish to build on a reliable protocol that is designed by a Bitcoin-focused team with strong security credentials,” said Fenton. The firm will only work with projects that are compliant with SEC and other US regulations and in areas it is approved to operate.

Watchdog Capital is registered with the US SEC and is currently licensed in eight states for investment banking and secondary offerings.

We are currently registered and able to conduct business in all 50 states, Washington DC, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. We are permitted to conduct business and work with clients only within the states and territories where we are registered.

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Important Disclosure: Securities and investment banking services offered through Watchdog Capital, LLC, a registered broker-dealer and FINRA/SIPC member.

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